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About Amy


Amy Lechner is a Traditional Naturopath, Certified Aromatherapist, and Licensed Cosmetologist.  She is also the Northeast Regional Rep for AIA, Alliance of International Aromatherapists.


Amy is the owner of a hair salon focusing on cleaner products within the salon environment. She is also the owner of Amy Lechner Essential Wellness, a wellness business, and formulator of her own essential oil blend line, A.C. Essential Oils. She has enjoyed creating and formulating essential oil blends for over 20 years. She has studied under various educators who have helped form a solid background in complimentary wellness and health support modalities.


With over 1,500 hours of education in a variety of complementary therapies, Amy displays her strong dedication to the area of aromatherapy, wellness, lifestyle, and nutritional support.  She resides in Altoona, PA, with her family and regularly consults with clients about health and lifestyle choices.  


Amy has a passion for educating, coaching, and sharing healthier alternatives for a lifetime benefit.  She is dedicated to staying active and current in education and desires to share the most recently available information. Amy is available for public speaking and private consultations.

Contact Amy for more information on speaking opportunities, private consultations, custom blends, or to place an order.

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Speaking Engagements

Please contact us for more information on speaking opportunities with Amy Lechner.

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